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Related article: back Buy Lidocaine Patch and quarters ; third falling to Mr. W. E. Grogan's Grouse, a seven-year-old gelding which is fast, Where To Buy Lidocaine Powder powerful and clever, but a little high in action ; Colonel de Robeck securing the fourth prize with Folly IV., a six-year-old mare by Hambletonian, dam by Lord Jingle, a Buy Lidocaine Powder very bloodlike pony with an excellent back and quarters, and a fine player. Amongst other noticeable com- petitors in this class were Mr. T. L. Moore's Kickamaroo, by Peacemaker, a really nice pony all round, being full of quality and well under the size, but she seemed a trifle slower than the winners ; but her cleverness is un- deniable. Where Can I Buy Lidocaine Powder Mr. W. E. Grogan also showed a wear-and-tear- looking, smart pony in the six- year-old Mermaid, by Xenophon ; whilst Mr. E. J. R. Peel's gelding Cry Help, though not the player that some in the class are, gets off Buy Lidocaine Spray I899-] "OUR VAN. »t 387 his hocks in a style that must commend him to many judges. In the unmade class Mr. T. J. Roach took first and fourth with the six-year-old Khedive by Egypt, and the brown mare Vixen by Pet Fox, the former being a very bloodlike chesnut with excellent action, but many considered him a trifle long in loin ; whilst Vixen possessed one Where To Buy Lidocaine Gel of the sweetest foreheads in the class and went well, so that her position was de- served. Second was awarded to Mr. T. Anderson's Doreen, a very stylish, workmanlike mare which made many friends at the ring side, as not only are both her ends exceptionally good, but she strips well and is a born mover. Both the last-named qualifications belong to Mr. J. Carpenter's fourth prize chesnut mare Jinnet of the Falcon, by Hermit, dam by Rot her hill, and she is a business-like mare that can move, added to which her manners are excellent. A capital pony, too, is Mr. Roach's Wisdom, as is Mr. John Leonard's Night- mare by Pedestrian ; whilst Cap- tain Cecil Wilson's Flirt, has plenty of bone and substance, but might move more freely ; Mr. Rainey's Lidocaine Powder Buy Bobby being a real sort, with the best of joints and the loveliest of foreheads. In all respects it was a most successful venture. Chislehurst y. Stansted. — A match between the above teams was played on the Stansted ground at Bishop's Stortford on Wednes- day, April 19th. An exciting game was expected, Where Can I Buy Lidocaine Cream inasmuch as these two clubs were left in the final for last year's County Cup at Eden Park. But anticipations were hardly realised ; Chislehurst from the start assumed the com- mand, and playing throughout better together always appeared to hold their opponents, and eventually won by six goals to two — and if we are not mistaken, the winning team will undoubtedly take a prominent position during the coming season. The teams were as Buy Lidocaine Ointment follows : — Chislehurst. C. P. Nickalls .. 1 M. Nickalls.. a H. B. Cardwelt . . 3 P. W. Nickalls (back) Stansted. Tresham Gilbey . . 1 G. B. Gosling a Walter Buckmaster . . Buy Lidocaine Injection 3 Buy Injectable Lidocaine P. Gold .. (back) India. — Matters do not seem to be going quite smoothly with the Indian Polo Association. Mr. Winston Churchill has pointed out that it takes a whole year to make any alteration in the rules. Then the Association would have nothing to say to any increase in the height of ponies and the measuring rules, though good in themselves, do not seem to work quite well. In a country so large as India an official measurer seems well nigh an impossibility, and yet it is difficult to see how uniformity and fairness can be attained in any other way. It is said at a recent tournament that one team of ponies was much larger than the rest — " full 14-2 " — my correspondent writes. The Championship of India. — The real championship of India at polo rests once Where Can I Buy Lidocaine Buy Lidocaine Uk more with the Patiala team. The A and B teams of the Sikh State were left in the final and decided not to play off the tie. The Mahommedan gentlemen of the Golconda team were beaten by Patiala B. It Where To Buy Lidocaine Cream is only fair to say that the former were not in the best form, and that they play an old-fashioned dribbling game which can never succeed against modern tactics of galloping and riding off. A very fine game indeed was' that in the semi-final between Kotah (a Rajput State) and Patiala A. Thus it will be Lidocaine Purchase Buy Lidocaine Patches seen that no English teams even ob- tained Buy Lidocaine Gel a place in the semi-final. Buy Lidocaine Powder Uk 388 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [May The Durham Light Infantry and 1 8th Hussars have left a blank in Indian polo which has not yet been filled up. It was an inter- esting tournament, if only for the various races engaged. English, Irish, Scotch, Mahommedans from Hyderabad, Sikhs, and Rajputs. A fair commentary on the uni- versally attractive nature of polo which seems to suit the most diverse races of men. There were two reigning princes, the Buy Lidocaine Cream eldest son of a Scotch peer, an ex- corporal of Native cavalry, and an English trainer in the service of a native prince among the players, so that the classes were various as well as the race and colour. It was unlucky that neither the 4th Hussars nor Where To Purchase Lidocaine the 9th Lancers were able to take part, but the result would probably have been the same. Han-Hunting by Bloodhounds.